J Chaos (jchaos) wrote in legendarysparda,
J Chaos

Crossposting request

Every so often, I stop my lurking and pop up to contribute. ^_^ Not often, but it happens.

Now, however, I'm going to be asking if other people might be able to help me out?

I plan on scouring through the Gamespot picture archives, but I'm not really holding my breath to find what I need, so I'm going to toss out the request here. I need some screenshots for an assignment in my gaming class.

Can anyone provide me with screenshots of the following screenshots from Devil May Cry 3?

Title Screen.
Save/Load screen.
Mission start screen (Any mission will do)
Menu Screen (with selections for style, weapons, techniques, shops, etc.)
Style Selection.
Weapons selection. (Either guns or devil arms)
Mission Complete Screen (Preferably with an S rank)

My thanks to anyone who can get me some or all of these.
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