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<- see icon, Fanart.

THE Sparda/Eva pic. Only to be posted on the community named for his legendaryness.

Image hosted by

This was from this site: , and as I disapprove of stealing fanart, I would have linked to it, but they closed. I'm taking it and the Nevan smirking at Alastor sketch, also by them, off of my photobucket account in a week, so if you want it, save it. This site's stuff was in my huge fanart upload to YouSendIt awhile back. As soon as I finish hitting some other sites, I'm going to do another one. As mortenouva has dial-up and doesn't want an almost 100 MB thing to download I'm also going to do a folder of just this site's stuff.

And, yes, this is blalant advertisement for my Sparda/Eva series, Rapture. Which I just did the third bit of.

I: First Impressions:
II: Conservation:
III: Samaritan:
Side-fic: Wonderful Journey:

And, also, Where You Are: - which theoretically should be revised but I'm probably going to be lazy and not do it.
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